I’m Erica

I am a scientist, a mystic, a dancer, a wise woman, a teacher, a mother, philosopher, an intuitive, a healer. But truly in my depth I am a transformer, I take people’s experiences of pain and disease and help them remold them into healing, freeing their energy for connection and creativity. Some people might say I’m a little witchy, and that I love rules, only to be rebellious and break them, it’s really all very playful.

I I have always been curious about everything, I love learning for the joy of learning something new I didn’t know before.

I have always been a very sensitive and intuitive person. Even as a child, I could see colours around people, their pain and suffering, and their potential. People have always shared themselves with me. They like to tell me their stories, their secrets, their hurts, and triumphs. They feel comfortable and safe around me.

My love of dance and movement started in my mother’s womb whenever I heard music. I started formal dance study when I was still a preschooler. I have been exploring movement ever since, with the exception of when I’ve been really ill, which has been often. Illness lead me to discover healing and energy work: I learned how to heal and transform because I’ve had to do it for myself throughout my life. I became a reiki master while still in my teens and began teaching meditation and energy healing.

I have a BA in Kinesiology and Health Science, and have taken numerous trainings and certificates in anatomy, bodywork and counselling, from dynamic neuromuscular stability and integrated kinetic neurology to Indian head massage and heart resonance energy work. And I’ve read oh so many books on healing; I love to read as much as I love to hear people’s stories.

I have two spirited children, both beautiful souls. My process of becoming a mother was really traumatic both times, blowing up my body and nervous system. This led me to become a Somatic Experiencing practitioner. Trauma healing has since become a major focus of my work.

One of the things I’m often asked is

“How on earth did you get started all this?”

I I believe in working toward equality for all, doing the hard ongoing work, empowering activism and lasting societal change. So that we can leave the world a more harmonious place for future generations.

“Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”
― Mary Oliver

I am a bridge, a mystic with ancient ways of knowing and a scientist with training to guide you to heal. To teach you a deep way of listening to yourself. I use my perceptual abilities to identify where you get stuck or there is a lack of ease. I will engage you in a multi-faceted way so you may move well, feel well, be seen, and experience greater coherence and well-being in your everyday life. Integrating the spirit, psyche, and soma (body) through physiological processes, subtle energy dynamics, and meaning-making, you move towards wholeness. This is the place from which emerges the energy, drive, and power to realize your aspirations, dreams, and be in deep relationship with yourself.

I bring the energy of the spider, serpent, and moon to my work. It is in darkness that the light was first born.

I live for the joy of dance, my garden, my children, my partner, roses, delicious food, beauty, intimacy, and the mystery of existence.

If you are interested in my formal education click here.

I am deeply grateful to be giving back to my community through dance, teaching and performing, and volunteering as the assistant director of the Sea to Sky Dance Collective.

I am all of these things,

and not, yet eternally emerging.