Hand crafted flower essences are vibrational medicine. They are created from plants I grow in my garden to support the movement of energy beyond a session or treatment. Using the vibratory wisdom of nature and the phases of the moon and astrological transits I create blends to support coherence, resilience, and transformation. Pre-made blends or custom individual blends are available.

Flower essences contain no plant or botanical material and are not supplements. They operate on an energetic level and are very gentle for people with sensitive systems. I preserve mine in a base of water and maple whiskey so it will taste slightly sweet.

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Blends -$20 for a 30 ml bottle

Three Cauldron Blend: contains plant allies to support the connection between the pelvis, heart, and head. When all three cauldrons are face up and working together energetically, we experience a state of wellbeing and vital health.

Sacred Seven Chakra Blend: has one plant ally for each of the seven in body charkas. Working together they support the connection and flow of the chakra system as a whole.

Coherence Blend: contains plant allies that support the inherent coherence in flow present in all life. It can be used to restore or remind the energetic system of the wellbeing and flow that is the birthright right of all living beings.

Grounding Blend: contains a grouping of plant allies that support grounding and connection to the earth and embodiment. It is deeply settling.

Transformation Blend: is a pairing of plant guides to promote and support deep change in your energy system. It is usfl to move through challenges, or when energy has be stagnant.

Custom blend – $30 for a 30 ml bottle