Let’s transform your life. Embodiment is about learning the language of your sensations and your nervous system. The interplay between emotion and physiology, consciousness in physical form

Personal Healing Work

Movement &
body work

Cultivate sustainable movement for your life, end pain cycles, find joy in your body.

Energy work

Heal, connect with, and be in relationship to your own vital energy. Develop embodied intuition.


Build capacity for rest and sympathetic charge to navigate your life with resilience and capacity.

It is difficult to put in words my experience of receiving energy healing from Erica… it is really something I wish everyone could know. When I first came to see Erica, I was sceptical of what would come of a reiki session and little did I know the path it would lead me down. Whether it is moving through daily struggles or shifts in my own healing journey, Erica has been supportive on many levels of experience. Erica’s intuitive and gentle nature beautifully weaves together both her mystic and scientific backgrounds,  creating a safe space to explore whatever it is that may come up. I always feel that I am met with kindness and openness which certainly trickles through her community. I always look forward to my sessions with Erica.- Jess Herman