Movement of our physical body through space is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. When our movement or expression is limited, whether, by injury, trauma, lack of safety or stability, disease or illness will develop over time.

Learn to move in ways that build capacity without compromising stability or the body, mind and energy systems. You will develop the stamina to hold charge and activation, which are inherent to our everyday stress responses. I will teach you how to foster your nervous system to be receptive to versatility, open to new patterns and experiences.

Explore movement, breath, and energy for a nourishing and revitalizing present moment.

Kinetic embodiment is integrative work at the intersection of movement, energy, and trauma recovery. We will cultivate sustainable movement for your life, ending pain cycles and reducing the likelihood of injury. We will explore dynamic engaging exercise as an expression of self, nurturing adventure, fun, and playfulness. Practices in reflexive stability, neuromuscular movement patterning, and developmental kinesiology set the stage to reset your innate ability for healthy movement and ease in your body so that you can engage in activities and sport that bring you joy.

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This integrative work is the intersection of movement, energy, and trauma recovery.

Erica has been an incredible guide and support. She has facilitated a healing journey of self-discovery, helping me tackle the day to day of living life in a meaningful way, while facilitating a connection to something much greater. – Helen Beynon