Deepen your understanding of how varied physical training and rehabilitation philosophies intersect. Offer unique and effective programs and strategies to your clients.

Consults involve confidentially discussing cases from your practice and getting support to work through challenges. Mentorship involves support and training in a specific area of interest.

I specialize in working with populations in chronic pain, chronic disease, complex trauma and rehabilitation plateaus.

Integration of modalities, treating the person

not the symptoms is the future of rehabilitation

I have been seeing Erica for several years now and can say that she is by far the most knowledgeable fitness instructor/ kinesiologist/ trauma recovery person etc, etc, etc…. I have ever met. The thing that I think is best is she can take her vast knowledge and experience and customize for you what you are trying to achieve. I have seen her work with athletes on better strength and technique, as well as comfort someone at a time of loss, and she is a person whom is very intuitive and will figure out over time what makes you tick and be able to apply just the right amount of encouragement without sounding like a drill sergeant ( she can do that as well if necessary from personal experience). If you’re looking for the best you should look to Erica! -Dean Terry