Discover your potential
& learn how to cultivate a deeply meaningful
and embodied life.

Treatments and education.
Together let’s explore your embodied experience to resolve trauma,
learn to move better, and connect to your vital energy.


I’m Erica

A movement therapist, intuitive, teacher, philosopher and energy healer. I support the
transformational process using my perceptual abilities and training to identify where you get stuck and help you move forward toward healing.

Let me guide you to discover your deepest self. How to be open yet healthily boundaried. Your body is a reflection of your innermost expression. Share in the joy of movement, mystery, and wonder of living. Be moved by life. Discover potential, connection, and rest.

Let’s work together

Movement &
body work

Cultivate sustainable movement, end pain cycles, find joy in your body.

Energy work

Heal, connect with, and be in
relationship to your own vital energy.
Develop embodied intuition.


Build capacity for rest and sympathetic charge to navigate your life with resilience and capacity.