You will learn how to connect with and be in relationship to your own vital energy and the subtle aspects of your human experience. We support your system to find its own balance and rhythm, supporting an emergent and authentic spiritual practice.

I teach through a mythopoetic lens, using ritual, mystical and esoteric practices, and drawing on the worlds religions, philosophy, and spiritual practices, both ancient and new, rooted in my ancestral lineage. I intend to foster recognition of the rhythm and cycles of life, death, and rebirth, through nature and plant medicine. Through Reiki and other energy healing methods we can explore altered states of consciousness, trance, mediumship, meditation, energy balancing, healing, embodied intuitive development, and channeling. I will teach you to use your physiology and energy system to change states so that you may experience time and space in a different way. To create the opportunity for mystical experiences and a new way of deep listening. To integrate the lost parts of yourself that have been separated or shut down because of trauma or illness, both present and intergenerational.

To come back into relationship with all parts of yourself is the essence of healing.

Embodiment brings us into the body and into form so we can live from a grounded place.

Working with Erica has been life changing. I have attended reiki sessions and various workshops with Erica over the years and have learned so much about myself and have found healing on a deep level. Erica has supported me in building a stronger connection to my intuition which has helped me lead a healthier and happier life.

I always leave her office feeling supported, more grounded and with new insights.  Her workshops have also connected me with some really great people in the community! I can’t recommend Erica’s services enough! – Jade Honce, MA, CCC, RCC